About Me

I'm a Seattle native living in Columbus. I've worked in the fashion industry for the past decade as a designer and creative director. I love to work with artists and musicians and frequently do work for a boutique record label out of Tacoma, Washington. So... how can I be of service?

Are you a band, brand, or artist looking to get work done?

I take on VERY limited side work as my day job and my family keep me pretty busy. I can't seem to pass up a chance to do something interesting, though, so if you have a unique need and the flexibility to let me wander off and do my thing I can probably help. Contact me and tell me what you got.

Are you a model who wants to shoot with me?

Why would you want to do that? I usually just shoot out of my grungy little garage... no make-up artist, I can't do hair, and my snacks are generally sub-par. If that didn't deter you... this is what I can tell you:

I'm more designer than photographer. What that means is, I use my photography as part of a larger project. Because of this, I generally never shoot just to shoot. I'm not about taking 1000 shots and hoping some come out cool, I'm after ONE shot that I have in my head, and I usually take secondary shots as a supplement. If you like my style and would like to partner on a shoot to make one or two really cool images, contact me and say 'Hi'!